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Sitronix IC

  • Sitronix Electronics is an IC design company whose main business is display driver IC, which is mainly supplied to applications such as primary mobile phones, industrial control, and automotive. Sitronix is a global market leader in feature phones. Our footprint spans Africa, Central and South America, Southeast Asia and other regions. In recent years, the company has also seen significant growth in the market for smartphone driver ICs and sensors. Sitronix is one of the few companies capable of supplying a variety of different display technologies-from TN, STN, to TFT all available-plus a number of non-drive IC products, such as sensors, MCUs, touch ICs, power management ICs, etc. And so on, created a huge customer base of Silicon Innovations.
  • ST7066U series
  • ST7065C
  • ST7063D
  • ST7282-G4-1L
  • ST7789V2-G4-A
Product Specification
Part No.TYPE
ST7066U-0A-BBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7066U-0B-BBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7066U-0E-BBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7066U-0R-BBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7066U-0T-BBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7066U-1G-BBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7066U-0A-QBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7065CCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7063DCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7063C-QGCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7063D-QGCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7921-BCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7065C-QGCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7032-0F-GBCharacter Type Driver IC
ST7920-0B-BAsian 16 x 16 Character/Graphic
ST7920-0A-BAsian 16 x 16 Character/Graphic
ST7920-0C-BAsian 16 x 16 Character/Graphic
ST7920-0F-BAsian 16 x 16 Character/Graphic
ST7272A-G4-1-LSingle-chip Solution 
ST7789V2-G4-ADisplay Driver IC (240RGBx320)
ST5625CA-G3-11200CH COG Source Driver+Tcon
ST5091-G3-1960CH COG Gate driver  
ST5821AH-G6S05-G05A-11284CH COG Source Driver+Tcon+Power
ST5084AA-G6A-D800CH COG Gate driver +Power