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Capacitive Touch

  • 3.5’’~21.5’’ Capacitive Touch CTP A series of standard products and customized services
  • Structure: G/G, G/F, G/F/F, G1F, OGS solution
  • Control IC: EETI, Sitronix, ILITEK...etc (COF or COB type)
  • Cover glass: Soda lime glass, Corning Gorilla or others optional
  • Glass surface treatment: AG, AR, AF coating, customized special-shaped cutting, ceramic ink printing, drilling design, antibacterial treatment, thickness 1.1t~8.0t
  • Special Film Integration: IRUV Film / Explosion-Proof Film
  • The interface is mainly USB, I2C
  • Serving customers to adjust touch points: Gloves, water barriers, thick glass touch
Product Description
  • Structure : G/G, G/F, G/F/F, G1F, G1M, OGS solution
  • Touch controller IC : Focal, Goodix, EETI, Sitronix, ATmel...etc
  • CoverLens : SodaLime glass, Gorilla glass, Corning Antimicrobial Glass
  • Anti-explosion film and anti-UV film can be attached
  • The operating temperature can reach -40~+85 degrees
  • Surface hardness: >6H
  • Transmittance: >85%
  • Optional yellow process CTP to meet the display requirements of narrow bezels
  • Glass cover customization: ink printing, multi-color printing, antibacterial, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint...etc.
  • Support 10-point multi-touch, glove, water, thick glass touch
Product Specification
SizeVA (mm)InterfaceIC SolutionTail TypeResolutionCompatible LCM Model
5.7"117.12 x 88.12I2CST1633i-N48CCOF640 x 480FG050720DSSWDG01 G057VGE-T01
7"155.20 x 93.60I2C/USBST1633i-N48C ILI2511COF800 x 480LW700AT9309 G070Y2-L01 G070ACE-L01
7"156.20 x 88.20I2C/USBST1633i-N48C ILI2511COF800 x 480 1024 x 600 1280 x 600AT070TN94 NJ070NA-23A
10.1"219.36 x 138.00I2C/USBEXC80W32 EXC31C4254 ILI2511COF/COB1280 x 800 800x1280 1920 x 1200NJ101IA-01S EJ101IA-01G G101EVN01.0 M101NWWB R3 OT101IA13 G101UAN01.0
10.4"213.00 x 160.40I2C/USBILI2511COB640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768G104V1-T03 G104AGE-L02 G104X1-L03
12.1"248.00 x 186.50I2C/USBEXC31C4254COB800 x 600 1024 x 768G121AGE-L03 G121XCE-L01
15"307.10 x 231.10I2C/USBEXC31C4254 EXC80H83COB1024 x 768G150XNE-L03 G150XGE-L05
17"340.92 x 273.34I2C/USBEXC80H56COB1280 x 1024M170EGE-L20
19"377.32 x 302.06I2C/USBEXC80H56COB1280 x 1024G190EG01 V1
21.5"478.84 x 303.80I2C/USBEXC325680COB1920 x 1080M215HJJ-L30